The first thing that jumps to mind when you hear about an escort is sex. While this is the primary reason why clients hire escorts, there is more to the relationship.

For centuries, escorts have been part and parcel of the society. The reason behind surviving for this long is because, despite the discovery of many a BOG (battery operated girlfriend), they play a much bigger role than just sex. The escort-client relationship though fragile is very intricate. Let us explore it.

Escorts are confidantes. An escort offers a safe place for the client to share anything on their mind without the fear of being judged or exposed. For centuries, escorts have been the custodians of shocking secrets from their clients. Save for secrets from their normal lives, escorts also know the deepest fetish desires and fantasies of their clients. This sharing of secrets creates a unique bond between the client and the escorts girl in Marina beach and other areas of city.


In many ways, escorts know their clients better than the clients’ immediate family ever will. Escorts are excellent listeners. Clients feel safe to unload the stresses of their lives onto the escort. The judgement-free dynamics a great space to let the mind run free and reveal their hopes and dreams.

Escorts offer somewhat of an unpaid therapy session for their clients. When clients choose to seek counsel from escorts, they do so knowing they will get non-biased advice from a source that is not invested in the outcome of their predicament. As heard from one of our sources, a Chennai escorts, the advice meted out by escorts is very valuable to the client. It represents a completely neutral standpoint that is as important as all the other points of view. Escorts have ended up saving a truckload of marriages by presenting a unique view to the situation.

Requesting for advice on interpersonal relationships from escorts is not uncommon. Escorts have incredible public relation skills. Clients often ask for advice on how to deal with a difficult client of their own, a colleague at work, or a family member.

Escorts, on their part, ask for business advice. Often, clients are formidable businessmen who run conglomerates or huge organizations. Escorts take the opportunity to pick their minds on various investment options and opportunities. Such clients are usually more than happy to help them along as well as recommend them to their friends.

As you can see, the relationship between an escort and her client goes beyond physical gratification. For these reasons, escorts will always be a part of the fabric of society no matter how much the society evolves.

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